Wikitastic Book Review
A famly apart

by: Joan Lowery Nixon
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A famly apart starts when Jeff and Jennifers grandma reed them stories of her great grandma frances and her brothers and sisters Mike, Danny,Pete,Peg, and Megen. Frances and her famley are living a hard life with there father diying and all. Her mother and her are practicly janitors , Mike and danny are shoe shiners, and the others are to young to have any jobs. When Frances cachis Mike copper steiling and Mike gets cort machled but a man that runs the orphain train named Reverend Brace says he will take all the Kelly chidren to the west on the orphain train
•The book is pretty good but the begining isint my fave. I meen its boring but after page 120 its great! Over all a good book.

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