Wikitastic Book Review
Book Title:A Family Apart

by:Joan Lowery Nixon
Wiki-tastic: WWWW
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Ther mother can not aford to feed them. So she wants the best for them and gives them away. They go to Missouri for better lives. All of them get adopted to live with wealthier families. Not all the parethat adopt seem so nice. The only ones that don't seem so nice are Mikes parents. Danny and peg get adopted together, Frances ( also known as Frankie) and Petey go together, Megan goes by herself , and Mike goes by himself too. Frances family helps slaves go to the north. They have the underground railroad beneeth there house. Once bounty huntrers saw her with a slaves scarf and said we have to arrest you because you have been helping slaves but the didn't.
I liked this book because it was intresting and exciting. I also liked how much adventure there was. There where parts that were heart breaking and good parts too. One of the parts that were sad was when there real mom gave them away. The best good part was when they all found good homes.

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