Wikitastic Book Review
Book Title: A Family Apart

by:John Lowery Nixon
Wiki-tastic: WWWW
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In this book they have to leave there home because there mom can't feed them. There is a lot of childern she has there is Frances,(or later on Frankie) Petty,Mike,Danny,Peg,Megan, and Ma. They leave after they figure out that that Mike was robbing people. They go on the Orpahn Train to go to Misurriu to live with somone else. All the childern find good homes but Mike he gets somone how doesn't sound the nicest but thats another story. Frances (Frankie) gets to be with petey. They get nice parents. Frances (Frankie)underground railroad. She finds out life is somtimes better or worse. She also reveals a secret.
I love this book it is as good as it gets. I suggest this book big time. Take my word for it if you read this book you we'll love it just like me. TAKE MY WORD FOR IT!!!!!!!!!!

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