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Book Title: A Family Apart

by:Joan Lowery Nixon
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A Family Apart is by Joan Lowery Nixon and is a historical fiction book. A Family Apart is taken place in 1856, Mrs. Kelly, Mother of six children is giving up all she has ever loved to save them from starving to death by sending them out west on the orpan train. Now they have even bigger problems-they are going to be separated from one another. The oldest child promised her mother that she will take care of the yongest boy, Petey.Have you ever felt like you are stuck between two worlds? Thats what Frances Mary feels like, she wants to go home but her mom can't take care of her, the people that she lives with now are nice and they care for her and she cares for them but she longs to be home with her family. Frances Mary soon descovers that her new home is part of the underground railroad. But things only get worse, the people who take care of her are sick and it is up to her to take the slaves out of the underground railroad to freedom. This book is and ecxiting mix of the underground railroad and life back in 1856. Does sending the Kelly children out west make the Kelly children mad or do they understand that it is an act of their mothers love?
A Family Apart is a fantastic book with a lot of facts about our nations history. This book takes history and fiction and makes it all come into one amazing book. A Family Apart is a great book, I recomend it for people who like reading about history. Joan Lowery Nixon makes A Family Apart come alive while your reading it. I was excited even before I read the book to read it.