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Book Title: A Family Apart

by:Joan Lowery Nixon
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In A Family Apart The family is very poor and has to work all day. The characters are Danny, Mom, Peet, Dad, Frances, Mike, and Megan. The dad gets really sick and dies. Frances finds out that Mike Has some expensive stuff so she follows him to work one day and he pick pocketed people. Then the people find out and tell the police that he stole the money and they arrest him. The day they go to court there mom sends all of the kids to Mississippi to get adopted. Before they get on the train Frances took Mikes pocket knife and cut her hair so she looked like a boy. They got on the train to leave, after a while a fire started and Mr. Crandon caught on fire. Mike put out the fire on Mr. Crandon. They got back on the train and kept going. They stopped to restock on supplies. A bandit went on the train and took everyones money. Mike charged at him and they both fell down . Thhe bandit got up and ran off the train. Mike got up and gave people their money Because he pick pocketed the bandit. They got to Mississippi and got adopted. Frances went with her new family when they got threre they threw a big party. During the party he heard the adults talking about the underground rail road. So later that night Frances went to the barn and found run away slaves in a secret room. When it was time for the slaves to go to the next stop the dad got sick so Frances had to take the slaves to the next stop. The person at the next stop gave Frances cheese she wrapped it in the shawl that the slave was wearing. On the way back the sherrif came and found the shawl so the sherrif took her back to her house. He told her parents and the the people who took her to Mississippi said it was there shawl. So the sherrif said ok and left.
I liked the book but the first couple of chapters were to boring. But once they find out Mike pick pockets people it gets better. But overall it is a great book to read. my favorite part is when she takes the slaves to the next stop. You should read A Family Apart if you like adventure books.

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